Friday, May 29, 2009

Food2 Presents: a NYC cocktail that has a bunch of ingredients that I wouldn't know how to get my hands on

Chinatown bars, what an anomaly. Enter Apotheke, whose mixmaster (ok ok ok mixologist) Orson Salicetti (sounds like he should be north of Canal) has something that will put a spring in your step and all around, put the spring in spring, and involves "dust" that isn't from drugs or Peter Pan.

Picture and ingredients taken from the friends at Food2:

1 oz. Navan Vanilla Liqueur
1 oz. Ice Wine
1 oz. Fresh Honeydew Juice
1 oz. Honey Lime
Honeydew and Madagascar Vanilla Dust Garnish"

I have none of these things. Which is why on my way to pick up some noodles, cheap seafood, oyster sauce, and other assorted Chinese things, I'll make a stop.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Lunchtime Justice: Annoying Hipster Douchebag - New York Justice? I THINK SO!!!!!

Ah, the old favorite. Remember that movie Laws of Gravity that I posted about a while ago? Yeah they would totally trash hipsters that invaded their north Brooklyn hoods.

Take this hipsters, an old thorn that keeps coming back, every Siren Fest:

The video is from Lucas Held, a humorist (yes indeed) with his own brand of blogging right about he-yahr: Lucas Held's International House of Relax

By the way, Built To Spill and the Japandroids are on this year's fest which is on July 18th, check it out: Siren Fest 2009 by The Village Voice

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The KCB on Tennessee: Jessica Harp solo effort debuts this summer

Best known for her collaboration with Michelle Branch in the country duo The Wreckers, Warner Nashville is proud to release Jessica Harp’s first solo album A Woman Needs this summer, with her album single “Boy Like Me” already climbing the charts. This week, the pop-country singer secured the iTunes Video of the Week spot for “Boy Like Me,” which fans can download for free from the site.

iTunes Link:

“Boy Like Me” Video:

Jessica Harp Sizzle Reel:

In June 2004, aspiring country singer Jessica Harp packed everything into her car and left her Kansas City, MO, hometown for Tennessee to finalize a recording contract with Nashville indie-label Dualtone Music Group. Fate intervened when her best friend Michelle Branch called somewhere along the way and asked her to form a country/pop duo, which the girls dubbed The Wreckers. A No. 1 country single, a gold album, a Grammy-Award nomination, and high-profile tours with Rascal Flatts and Keith Urban followed, but Harp could never shake the feeling of wanting to show the world what she could do on her own.

Now she finally has that chance with the upcoming release of her major-label solo debut A Woman Needs — a breezy modern-country collection that finds the honey-voiced Harp telling appealingly relatable stories about her life, loves, and heartbreaks on tracks like the playful “Boy Like Me,” the feisty “A Woman Needs,” and the earthy “Homemade Love.” “Country music is about real people and real things, and that always spoke to me not only as a music fan, but as a singer-songwriter,” Harp says. “I like to tell stories with my songs. This is the album I have dreamed of making since I was eight years old and singing along to my mom’s Judds and Reba McEntire records.”

While The Wreckers were touring with Keith Urban in the summer of 2007, Harp had begun writing songs on her own. She befriended Urban’s bass player, Jerry Flowers, who, in addition to being a musician, is also a singer, producer, and songwriter. Flowers wound up co-writing several tracks on A Woman Needs, including the title track, “Break-Up Song,” and “More To This Than You,” as well as producing the album.

One thing Harp and Flowers knew going in to make A Woman Needs is that they wanted the album to be fun and upbeat. “That was another lesson I learned during my crash course with The Wreckers,” Harp says. “Aside from the singles, Stand Still, Look Pretty is a sad album, and we would play hour-long sets at these big fairs and festivals where people just wanted to dance and have a good time. So I was thinking about touring and playing the songs live when we recorded the album. But I think there’s something for everyone here.”

Jessica on Facebook:

Official Site Link:


SCRATCHbread @ Toby's Public House: This Bread Will Kick Your Boo-tay

I've never been a huge bread fan. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy eating bread at restaurants because I'm waiting impatiently for whatever greatness lies ahead. As well, olive oil and fresh bread is something I will keep eating until someone rips them from me.

I'm not a bread expert though; I don't have loaves sitting around to create snacks and assorted foods. I grew up in the more rice/stir fry/dumplings vein, the Chinese aren't really bread-y.

I think I'll start to take notice though after I witnessed something kinda incredible yesterday, which was SCRATCHbread. Not sure why Scratch is in caps, but hey, it's modern. I was at Toby's Public House for a Brooklyn Yelp event (for those who don't know Greenwood Heights, it's actually an interesting quiet section that goes unnoticed). A man with a plan came around and he said, "have some SCRATCHbread, I'll be coming around later with coupons." I like coupons, especially cutting them out of the Sunday paper, but this bread was insane. It looked like someone burned off a piece of the Toxic Avenger and infused it with this really hearty, crisp flavor that grew tangy as I kept chewing. It was the South Slope Sour (pictured above), or at least it had to be.

The founder, Matthew J. Tilden, says he wants "approachable sophistication" and I couldn't agree more, this is what food is about. It's what Brooklyn can be about most of the time.

This is the kind of bread that you invert the sandwich for. Yes so you put the meat on the outside and the bread sandwiched in the middle.

For more info on their bread lineup and what's rockin' in their world, go to their official site: SCRATCHbread Official Site For Bread Lovers Into Heavy Music

Sunday, May 24, 2009

MMA In New York: Hearing to push a bill to a committee who hands it to another committee who submits it for a vote

Cage Potato has the breakdown of the push for a MMA regulation bill for the state of New York. For those who are out of this political loop, New York, for example, has laws and commissions set in place to regulate boxing, but MMA has yet to be included in the discussion. According to the original MMA Weekly story, this hearing on June 3rd, if it turns out favorably, will allow a draft of the bill to enter into the committee process (both legal and financial) before getting put to a vote (if it gets that far).

To check out the story, click here.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Eat It Brooklyn Digs Red Hook!

The KCB has been eating, weather provided, at Hope & Anchor (it's a very nice walk down Columbia, oh dub pies!!!!). Last time they had some gas problems (I know I do) but the cobb salad is so bank. Anywho, the friends at Eat It: The Brooklyn Food Blog serve up some wonderful food porn today courtesy of the Red Hook Fairway Cafe, check out their post here.

Eat It discusses the Red Hook trajectory taken by some but still undiscovered by many!

Here is their lovely photo:

Eat It: The Brooklyn Food Blog wines and dines every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday complete with mouth-watering photos, be sure to check them out as they are the real deal for Brooklyn eats.

Here at the Belltel, We Love To Pat Ourselves on the back again

I had half a mind this morning as my lobby trot was interrupted by a nicely structured and somewhat pleasant BellTel Lofts NYC Landmark Preservation Ceremony. We all know it's a landmark. It says so outside the building. I know it's supposed to be a nice pick us up to start summer in terms of getting some more press, but there are concerns amongst many residents and the last thing I need to see is self-congratulations at this point.

Things are indeed getting repaired and maintained but it will take a while with the little manpower available to the building...again as the neighborhood shifts and changes along with the local politics the overall vibe may climb, but I question the amount of vision to see things through from up top. This is not to be snobby; I don't want to talk the talk and not walk that proverbial walk. It just kind of annoys me to set up something that I'm sure is a nice dedication to the building when the building itself just needs more work done with residents already inside it. The pushing and shoving to this point is disheartening but there has to be a way to stop looking at the glorious past and start thinking about how to honor it properly now and in the future with a residential building people can be truly proud of.

Ryan Murphy, greatest TV creator? Awww right....

So I'm watching Popular and enjoying it immensely due to it's over the top nature (although I can see how the plot may have become dangerously thin as the second season progresses, which could be part of the reason for its cancellation).

And I'm the biggest Nip/Tuck fan (one of the few shows that I've actually seen every episode, that and like Walker, Texas Ranger).

Thus it would be natural that I would be a fan of Glee, which aired a sneak episode tonight on Fox and will air several episodes to start the fall season. I've enjoyed Ryan Murphy's work until this point (even with some reservations) for many reasons, and Glee seems to be a really mainstream and punchy formula that could work. The plot might run out of steam but the characters have an endearing quality and Murphy's familiarity with the territory (he even takes several small plot points from Popular) gives the sensibility of the show a stylish quality.

I think, and partly because it's a pilot, a lot of things were shoved unevenly into the first episode, but hopefully the fun will smooth out in the fall. I'm not sure how they are going to constantly remind people about it through the summer (of all seasons how to do that could take some real ingenious marketing) but we'll see.

All I know is, that was the most exhilirating version of "Don't Stop Believin'" by Journey I've seen. It kicked ass, and totally in earnest. It's pop in the purest, best form.

Murphy has done this with his previous two flagship shows as well; it's a matter of embracing the surface qualities, the junk and excitement of what people enjoy seeing, or what gets under their skin easiest. High school melodrama/wacky exaggeration campiness made Popular unpredictable in a lot of ways and a lot of fun to watch, and the serious moments are echoed in Nip/Tuck, where a lot of disturbing issues are brought to the table each episode. The problem with Nip/Tuck is keeping the soap opera shenanigans up; at certain points it gets tiring but there's plenty of skin-deep beauty that keeps 'em coming back. On top of that, the superficiality employed is a reflexive thing due to the premise of the show, which is very cool. It's Cronenberg-lite.

Glee seems a bit more sentimental and exudes a vibrancy from which we might need a breather to take in some more dramatic moments. It's the sharp writing that Murphy pens, because the level of wit carries shows as well as the superb acting. There might be concerns over the role of the teacher, Will, as being a bit on the bland side but hopefully we'll see more difficult decisions that he'll have to make. There will be problems; Murphy, with such a distinct style, might repeat some of those as the show moves along, but the cast seems well oiled and totally game.

There are a lot of similarities from Popular (who made a reference to Freaks & Geeks in the last episode I saw which was awesome) to Glee in tone and shape. In the Popular commentary for an episode, Murphy describes Popular as a show about high school girls written for 35-year-old gay men. Hopefully he has similar aspirations for Glee because it worked on Popular. The thing is, neither show is very realistic and both are over-stylized, but in a great way because realism is not the point. The show is a vehicle for big themes and that's what great pop TV and films are about. The thing that theoy hammer on that's real is the emotion and idea that most of the time, shit hits the fan. Sure they are more glamorous and are in a TV show, but there's a real drive I feel that Murphy has to really hit particular moments with more aplomb than anyone else. Yes there are plenty of sarcastic and satirical scenes, and it's through those that the earnest ones shine through. It's not even gentle satire really; the characters have a self-awareness that goes back to the unrealistic nature but for an audience it can be a lot of fun. It's like they know what is wrong and right for them and they never seem to make good choices. You follow them because at the moments of clarity, the characters get it right and that's the little jolt of sympathy we root for. Great combo. Not only that, perfect casting with huge vocals (who doesn't like huge vocals) and great re-working of songs just gives it a lot of heart with a good dose of sass. The music is already available on iTunes. I just might purchase a song or two.

In the end, Glee is also about something so typically dorky and suavely turns it into something fun to watch and the viewers who enjoy it into big dorks. And that's pretty cool in my book. Sure it's not for everyone, but what is. The one thing I was kinda worried about was them singing Gold Digger by Kanye in the season preview after the episode and doing the "Broke, broke" censored version. Sure, it's network television, and yeah, the white teacher is doing the rap, it's just kinda weird.

Did I mention the Journey cover? Here's a taste:

Monday, May 18, 2009

The Powerstrip Circus Launch Party on Thursday June 4th: Be There, Or Be Lame

The friends at Powerstrip Circus, New York's premiere underground dance/hip hop/electro/awesomeness collective is finally giving themselves due props with an official launch party on June 4th (Thursdays in the summer are so bangin'). The place? Coco 66 in Greenpoint. How much? 5 bucks and a pristine mind to be blown.

All the details can be found at their site and on Facebook, but the real kicker is seeing the whole PSC mindtap in action. These guys hit a groove and just keep pinching it; even if you're not dancing, you automatically look cooler if you have people like KRTS at your back.

It's a great way to kick off summer and push the hotness to 11.

View Larger Map

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Coming Soon....Chris Cabin Weighs In On Movies

Cabin and I, plotting something at a Brooklyn girl's birthday party only to be foiled by several beverages at what was formerly New Gate Bar and turned into Society.

So yes, I've been putting up Chris Cab-tion contests (and believe me, they'll still run until I run out of funny pictures of Chris Cabin, there's a beaut coming) and being all over the poor guy, but soon we're going to have an extra hand to massage the KCB audience with. Chris, our very own resident film critic, will be giving us his thoughts on current and past movies including the small stuff playing in the New York market (we have to have some sort of foot there don't we) that will test your brain as well as your penchant for artistic value. Y'know, all that Lincoln Center, Cinema Village, Quad/IFC/Angelika fare that is home to some really great movies and some really crappy ones, but it's all indie. Of course, Cabin enjoys the mainstream as well, so you'll get his round up of those.

In the end, his opinions are his own and not necessarily of mine. Maybe I'll even chime in....

More Bar Spotlights and the u-ge to come people, it's almost summer weather!

Koto Sushi & Steak getting some love!

So the friends at Brownstoner have played up Koto in Carroll Gardens on quiet Henry Street as Restaurant Of The Day.

When I first ran into Koto, I noticed it was very quiet and I automatically took empathy for a small business on a quiet block. It blended nicely, and I was sure that it had to be at least a neighborhood favorite, either way I was going to make it mine. The food is proportioned a little smaller (which is probably better for my raging appetite) but very tasty and the fish melts a bit in your mouth which is always a great sign of good sushi. The owners are very friendly even if you're just waiting for food and you just feel at ease when in the place.

The funniest thing is it reminds me of Koto Japanese Steakhouse, a different kind of sushi restaurant upstate near the Albany Airport off of 155. It's kind of a power lunch kind of place for suburban businessmen, and much more lavish with a little bridge and pond kind of thing. Oh and hibachi.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Bringing MMA to New York: I Don't Like Bob Reilly

" of the future"
- Lloyd Dobler

Really, who is to say anything against Lloyd Dobler? The man is DA MAN. Say Anything could be a perfect movie.

The friends at Cage Potato have been covering the Bob Reilly factor when it comes to sanctioning MMA in New York. There has been much debate and talk over this issue but as a excitable MMA fan The KCB doesn't like the logic that Mr. Reilly uses in his arguments. Sure it's not for everyone but to deny a sport that would bring millions of dollars into the local economy (say if there were cards at MSG) and also totally ignore how the sport has developed into a legitimate enterprise really shows how idiotic Reilly is being. I'm all for arguments even for stuff that I enjoy or back, but none of the words coming out of this guy's mouth remotely make sense or show that he did his homework (which often comes from very staunch 'opinions' that don't respect MMA as much and therefore have a skewed view, such as ESPN or Sports Illustrated). Dinosaurs....

What's worse is that he represents Albany, the area from which I'm originally from. That sucks. Next time I'm up there I'll let him know that he has illegitimate reasoning. And then I'll go to the track to mullet-watch.

Anywho, CP is suggesting a bridging of Reilly's political interests with his lack of support for MMA and the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) more specifically. Check out the article here.

Such is a tricky situation if this is the chain that leads to Reilly's perspective on MMA in New York. In the end greed sort of wins out on either end, and that's sad, because as a fan you hate to see an intellectual argument (or not) to validate the sanctioning of MMA in this state pared down into political and financial tug-of-war.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Real Housewives of New York Fah Q: Ramona

Ramona, you're bat-shit crazy. And you pick some really weird battles with the rest of the gang. But since they at least live in Brooklyn, I would have to defend Alex and Simon from your odd bias against them that miraculously clears up a little bit at the last minute of the show's season finale. You looked normal with your husband coming out of the Mission Impossible: 3 press screening, but I have to give you a big Fah Q. for being really annoying and nonsensical.

I have been an avid Real Housewives watcher, I'm not sure why. It's probably because I picked up the first season of the Orange County edition when I was at New Line for free and decided on a Sunday afternoon to plow through Slade and Jo's wonderfully backwards romance.

Can't wait for New Jersey next Tuesday. It's like Christmas come early, if I celebrated. The biggest problem is, even more so than other shows, they set up potential disasters and cat fights and it all gets quelled within 30 seconds. I'm hoping the Jerz keeps it real....

And Fah Q Bravo for not focusing on more juicy tidbits from the New York crew (Kelly and courthouses? Countess no more?). It's the reason why even though I hate MTV, I still love True Life.

Here's a remix of one of Ramona's more idiotic moments from the season finale. Tutu and fru fru AAAAARGH FAH Q:

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Lunchtime Justice: Gangs Of New York - New York Justice? I think SO!!!!!

Here, Bill The Butcher gives a dose of his mind and his cruel, blunt object to Walter McGinn, played by the awesome Brendan Gleeson. No justice for Walter, unless you take the view that he doesn't live to see Daniel Day-Lewis sing in a musical directed by the mediocre Rob Marshall.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The ghost of Stevie Ray Vaughan aka The Arc Angels at Irving Plaza on May 8th

While I'm not incredibly interested in blues-rock hybrids (yes, even before Ghost World), there's something to be said for a band that was on the cusp of major label success that fell apart only to come back together years later for the music. The Arc Angels are comprised of Charlie Sexton, Doyle Bramhall II and Chris Layton, and backed up Stevie Ray Vaughan way back in the day. Now while they aren't The Band, I think for the older crowd who wants a kind of sweaty, slow rock I would suggest catching them at the Fillmore Irving Plaza for some Vaughan-inspired classic rock/entertainment, so feel free to check them out at the links below.

Fillmore Theater at Irving Plaza Ticket Purchase Link:

“Living in a Dream” Video Stream:


The Chris Cab-tion Contest 5.5.09

Well, this one isn't bad....

The tourney to a possible Best Buy gift certificate continues....let 'er rip people!

Chris Cabin is our resident film critic. You can find his reviews at

Mill Basin

Mill Basin is one of those areas in Brooklyn that I am very curious to check out this summer. The New York Times has a great article on it, check it out here.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Drinks are flowing and Minds are molding....

So as the night is wearing on, we have some awesome people in attendance, we've got USA Today, Midtown Lunch, NY Barfly, and several others who have graced the kitchen.

Those Kitchen Conspirators are hanging in there, Michael, their guest chef from their first episode, is having a no-smile policy for these Polaroids, touche sir.

Mingling around and getting the dish from Liza at Culture Kitchen....

But wait...they are pulling the booze away.....I guess we're winding down.

It's Begun!

So what do you get when you have 50+ bloggers and editors in a room with tons of food, fancy music, and fancier drinks? Food2 Freebie Friday.

It's mid-way through and friends from The Music Slut and Yelp have shown up early to try the mutton sliders and arepas. People are digging the vibe including The Amateur Gourmet and Taste As You Go Blog chat it up with folks from all over the city.

Greasy Guide is in the house! And Aleta Meadowlark from Omnomicon, a contributing Food2 blogger. Jason from Me So Hungry is enjoying the festivities, as Whitney Matheson from USA Today chats with Scripps about Food2.

All photos credited to Mark Kwan at NYC Movie Screenings!

Chatting with Kelsey Nixon at the Food2 Launch

Photo by Mark Kwan at NYC Movie Screenings.

So the wonderful people at Scripps just introduced me to Kelsey Nixon, who was a fan favorite on The Next Food Network Star and also is currently on the Food2 show, Kelsey & Spike Cook.

I asked her about the pairing of grapes and steak, which I admitted I had never seen but it sounded great. "It's really the sweetness with the steak that just makes it so appealing and interesting, and on top of that the bleu cheese butter really is a great combo."

I agree, anything with bleu cheese is the bees knees.

Kelsey went on to tell the KCB about driving large vans and trucks in New York on Lex at 5am. Ever the consummate pro, she's already getting into the mix coming from Salt Lake City.

More to come!

At The Food Network Kitchens for Food2 Launch

And....I'm drunk. No just kidding. But that's how we come up with wonderful prose in Brooklyn. Things are setting up and shaping up as things will start to get rolling at 5pm. Got caught in the rain a little but that doesn't stop me from the smells of the grill. If you close your eyes, the multitude of sounds coming from all angles is intoxicating. The interesting thing about Food Network Kitchens is it melds cooking and hosting spaces with TV production crews, it's charming and very cool how they can mold whatever events they want because they have the capability and man power to do so. "Oh we can set up the lights, decor, anything you want". Must be nice!

There will be some special guests (one who has already shown up) and some fun Polaroids hopefully by the end of the evening. We shall see, Oroku Saki....

My SLR is making things as miserable as the weather, but I'm hoping to get a few shots in (or borrow from other peeps).

I am a bit thirsty though....