Monday, December 8, 2008

AVAAZ with Zero Bridge @ Public Assembly 12.05.08

AVAAZ can be described, as taken from their moniker: Electro Global Discotek. An organization dedicated to cultural partying with some South Asian flair, as the tuxedo'd MC got the crowd in on the up and up while the DJs were spinning mid-tempo mixes with a bit of drum 'n bass and jungle thrown in for a global measure. Scenes like this always make me want to don glow in the dark contacts and make like Nas in the beginning of Belly with the pulsating beats as theme music.

The parties happen monthly and Public Assembly is a good place for it (the former Galapagos, which is now in DUMBO) with it's lax bar but nice pool in front and plenty of space to gyrate (although the crowd was a bit sparse at times depending on the set). This time around they threw in a curveball and some of New York's finest, Zero Bridge, put on a terse and forceful 40 minute set of an impassioned mix of U2 and indie pop sound with a hint of The Clash. Pushing through with tunes like their newest single "How Long" and "Late Bloomer", mixing 'manifesto' cuts with the lead singer Din's commanding prescence (being tall is advantageous), and you have a really nice rock concert in the middle of all the electro pulses. Mo, the drummer/kid brother of Din, headbanged like a wily teenager which was great, and backed by former Orange 9mm bassist Greg, they quickly got on track after the first song's timing was off initially.

The crowd was taken aback by it a little but Zero Bridge is very danceable and judging by how many people congradulated them afterward, AVAAZ gave their shimmiers a little taste of rock and Zero Bridge in turn won new converts.

Here's their video for "Late Bloomer":

zerobridge Late Bloomer

And then afterward the accomplished British actor/rapper (Path to 9/11, Deadset) Riz MC transitioned things back to the gyrating hips with a short set, rollicking along with chaotically fast beats and polemics. His style didn't translate well to the denizens of this party but, at the same time, gotta appreciate and give props to pushing the pace like an unruly spin class. He's big across the pond and I'm glad I got to see him rap.

Check out Riz MC on IMDB

For more info on AVAAZ events, go to their official site.

For more info on Public Assembly visit their official site as well.

Check out Zero Bridge on and pick up their EP Havre de Grace digitally here.

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Mo said...

hey man,
thanks so much for your comment. we really appreciate any support we can get. Its been a tough road, but we soldier on. our monthly gigs in nyc are getting crazier and mtv iggy has started a feature on us, excerpt here:
Rolling Stone India is featuring us in 09, heh. Stay tuned for more shows, and a new album we are currently recording, coming out in 09. SO please stay tuned an keep up the support.

Our next gig is at Lincoln Center Jan 18th. Hope we can see you there.

Cheers and thanks so much again,