Thursday, July 8, 2010

Brooklyn Bridge Park's Movies With A View Started Tonight...

I'll be watching Annie Hall in my non air-conditioned apartment thank you very much. Syfy and people at say, Time Out New York are bringing us some super awesome visuals this summer and the fun started tonight with Woody Allen's affecting comedy about being in and out of love.

The full schedule can be seen at the site
, and because I know you're lazy, let me give you my top picks:

Thursday, August 19
Feature Film: The Blues Brothers (R) – 1980, 133 min
Short: Mr. Okra by T.G. Herrington
DJ: Soulstatic

Thursday, July 29
Feature Film: Rear Window (PG) – 1954, 112 min
Short: Sketches from Great Gull by Nicholas Laviola

Now The Big Lebowski is playing too, something you might want to have a babysitter for if you have kids, but The Blues Brothers is just an ingenious pick. It's sloppy, It's funny, It's soulmatic, and I capitalize It's because It's that awesome. And John Landis is a totally underrated director. I own Into the Night on DVD. Yup.

That and the grass in the newer areas of Brooklyn Bridge Park are impeccably manicured.


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