Sunday, July 11, 2010

Evenin' Guv'ner - Meatopia 7.11.10

Eh ra, juicy. Succulent pork. Chicken Sausage. Spicy brisket, Fizzy Lizzy. Bacon ice cream, chopped up ribs, BBQ, Bike N Roll. The fact that you wait a gazillion minutes for a 80 second boat ride to Governor's Island (we could have swam) is pretty hilarious but those Furman Street apartments have a lot going for them.

Anywho, Meatopia was going on, and it was raging within the first hour it started. It was kind of disorganized as the stations were not clearly marked (if you want to give people an easy map, you might as well put the station numbers NOT on the ground) and the lines were a mess. On top of that several stations ran out of food within an hour or two, and the whole event didn't even last to 5pm. The rain was somewhat nice, especially while biking around the island. You could definitely see a private school movie being filmed here, or something scarier like a Shutter Island or something.

The food at Meatopia was pretty awesome though; you got tasting tickets that were marked off as you went through the stations, and we tried not to overstuff ourselves and had a couple of nice picks, including the wonderful Abe & Arthur rib, complete with bawdy/edgy white-Asian racism as the chef was BBQing and the Asian dude was chopping it up. It was packed with juice and just amazing. Six Point was all over this with beer, as they seem to be with every event within striking distance of Brooklyn.

I kind of half expected someone from PETA to go undercover and then throw a huge bucket of paint to destroy stations, but that didn't happen. I also witnessed a nasty PR lady who was talking about me in front of me as if I wasn't there. She did the whole mutter under her breath like a 6 year old child. Real mature lady. You're not curing cancer. And you should concentrate on organizing a better event.

I found the island stunning. The buildings were interesting to me, abandoned but still intact. Since NYU will actually have some sort of campus by taking this place over, it's just like a nice little time capsule of a sort of Federal time, a few roads, almost no cars, and very little signs of industry (with no retail it retains a certain residential quality). We went into a gallery where there were paintings inspired by the island. Old school New York American houses, and the meat stations and whole roasting lambs and pigs added to the effect. Here are some pictures.

This guy looked pissed that well his paddle boats went around in a pond-sized area.

Maple Bacon Ice Cream from The Bent Spoon. Tasting ticket not eligible, but damn good ice cream.

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