Monday, June 14, 2010

Summer Streets on Vanderbilt in Prospect Heights, Another Reason To Have A Pint

"It's the event of the season" I hear on the Dog the Bounty Hunter commercial as I type this. Wait we're back to Intervention.

While not the event of the season, and would go great if it went beyond June (but I'll take any excuse to do up Prospect Heights considering all the shit that will go down there over the next 5 years), Summer Streets on Vanderbilt Avenue (that's what the site says, maybe next year they'll pimp out the name a little more) is something I'd like to take part in, maybe the 27th. Don't mind the slightly awkward blog. Prospect Heights is good for it.

Basically you've got a strip of an underrated street that is open for the kids and adults and best of all, Soda Bar is up for some pints of the Vos all up in it. Now, Soda Bar can be inconsistent in the evenings but one thing's for sure, the backyard and sunny front part of the bar are always welcoming for afternoon refreshments.

This summer event will happen on June 20 and the 27th as mentioned previously.

The following has a nice cover by Face to Face too:

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