Monday, June 7, 2010

Alex and Simon from Real Housewives in BellTel Lofts to Eat, Drink And Be Hopeful

There are a couple things to note about this. First, the postcard has a slightly different time on the front versus the back, just sayin'. Nobody's fault, not a big deal certainly.

The most affable pair in the Real Housewives of NY, the McCord and van Kempen duo will be hosting this lovely event tomorrow June 8 from 6-10pm with quite a handful of samples from about 17 establishments just on the card alone (including Cake Bliss which is apparently a big deal and one Fizzy Lizzy, which I did grow to love at the IFC Center). The event is sponsored by the American Cancer Society, and apparently has existed in the past three years (I'm sure the 100 dollar late admission fee or 125 dollar VIP ticket fee will go to cancer research, but don't quote my silly little blog on that).

It brings me back to my original questions. Not to knock the event; it sounds lovely. Belltel always could use a little press and snazz among the competing buildings in the area. However, sizeable events like this one was never presenting to the building just as a heads up. It's nice to get a little notice if I was going to, you know, play ping pong or something. I remember the last time this happened, and the roof got trashed (although I'm sure Alex, the most composed of ze Housewives of NY, won't go cray cray) and you had about a gazillion complaints and total murder-as-a-crime-of-passion roid rage from the residents.

Second, where is this VIP area? I can think of some places the shindig could be held: roof, 2nd floor business suite, sales office, or lounge in the basement, unfinished garage (which would be hilarious). With the need for two spaces possibly, I wonder how they pull it off (or is the VIP just another name for "come slightly early").

Third, I can see a lot of nice people who don't know the area totally walking toward the BellTel through the Fulton Mall and some crazy dark alleys and being like "oh shit".

You can check out the full list of food and drink at the event website and also still get a ticket if you're interested (of the four people who read this I'm guessing zero).

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