Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Shoeless on the Subway: She Must Really Dig You, Man

Imagine my surprise when I saw this ringworm/feces opportunity present itself in front of me coming home on the B train. This couple was totally in love judging by their smooch fest but come on lady, your dude don't wear heels, he's got no reason to not have shoes on.

Now I'm a huge fan of going barefoot when I can. I love the feeling of my feet in warm sand. I love the feeling of my feet on hardwood floors and on carpeting of all textures. I'm a barefoot kind of guy partly because that's how I was raised, to take shoes off when entering residences.

However, when you know your feet are probably going to encounter what can be described as a terrific amount of spots where animals and people have either urinated or shat on, where garbage has run rampant at some point, where you probably want something to protect you from just rough ground, AND you decide to go not a block but an entire subway ride's length to some point B destination and back again, you sir are noteworthy of a blog post from an insignificant blogger.

The dude's neck was also bushier than Scorsese's eyebrows. But that's just pickin' on him.

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