Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Hipster Demolition Night at Southpaw May 27th

This piqued my interest sure enough: a small lineup of bands performing as a big eat-shit to loosely defined hipsters everywhere. Now I am not a fan of hipsters (although my girlfriend says if I was white I just might look like one, whew good thing I avoided that when I was born), and I do appreciate the sentiment that Jay Banerjee is putting out there with his Hipster Demolition Night at Southpaw in Park Slope on Thursday night. Yet, I can't help but wonder two things: first, there are plenty of great bands out there that aren't hipster but can't control who champions their music, and second, that hipsters are something to make a stink over. To me, hipsters have taken over all types of music, and many indie rock and indie pop bands are influenced by music similar to what is going to be blasting from Southpaw this week. So where does that leave us? Death metal. If you're going to do an anti-hipster show, you might as well make a point by doing death metal or hardcore punk. Or better yet, just have Seth Putnam do your entire show.

Anywho, I guess we should all agree that there needs to be a whole lot less bullshit when it comes to either music or lifestyle and although Banerjee is all about Brooklyn being the place to demonstrate this kind of movement against those too cool for school and/or a job, Brooklyn is breeding more hipness than any other area.

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