Friday, May 21, 2010

Brewing Beer Across from the New York Stock Exchange

My friends Dave and Mike are all about good ole home brewing techniques courtesy of Brooklyn Homebrew in Gowanus, so I visited Dave at his Wall Street apartment to get friendly with the ale they were producing. As we were listening to Less Than Jake's Hello Rockview (All My Best Friends Are Metalheads video below) and singing along like good bromances are, I saw their process (they had already brewed the combination of hops and malt and now it was time to sanitize and bottle).

They took out their large container filled with the good stuff, it smelled very sweet. I was informed that Homebrew has all sorts of kits to start people off. After sieving the gunk and sanitizing the bottles (which is very important), a simple syrup was made and the beer was transfered to a large dispenser to bottle once the ingredients sat for a bit.

I have yet to sample my small 12 oz. bottle, but maybe I will this weekend. Check out these photos in the meantime.

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