Thursday, May 13, 2010

FAH Q. Countess LuAnn For Recording TWSE: The Worst Song Ever

I admit it: I watch both the NY and NJ versions of Real Housewives. I actually got started on Orange County when I got the first season of that on DVD for free when I was at New Line. It was pretty tame, nobody fought with each other or anything.

This PMS fest in New York goes to show that the darkest places of New York exist in the condos of the Upper East Side.

Countess LuAnn has enough retard moments this season and especially tonight's episode This episode tonight proves a couple of things. First, music producer and 24/7 indoor sunglasses donner Chris Young may produce gems like the World Cup theme and contribute to has been pop stars and goddamn Crystal Method, but I know he's laughing on the inside when auto tune can't even save the horror that is "Money Can't Buy You Class", an unfocused lyrical manifesto with random etiquette tips that just don't make sense at all.

I'm sorry I just saw Kelly make a total fool out of herself. I should have done something ridiculous when I saw her on Lafayette the other day but whatevs.

Back to LuSer. So besides the massacre that is her song, she almost ruined Apotheke in Chinatown when she brought that James Cameron meets Bon Jovi lookalike in to give each other awkward pecks on each others' sliver lips.

Yes I watch this show. Does that make me a masochist?

You may recall I mentioned Crystal Method before. Remember this gem from The Replacement Killers? I'll remember for you.

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