Thursday, May 13, 2010

Freddy's Bar and Backroom: Not Done Yet

As my friend Mike was recounting (what he could remember) the last nights of Freddy's Bar in it's original spot in Prospect Heights, I thought of the Kings County Cinema Society and their compilation of owner Donald O'Finn's video art, check out one below.

Freddy's was pretty awesome because it was down and dirty with a sense of cultural achievement; the backroom was privy to all sorts of acts and it's like an eclectic friend's basement where awesome nerdy things happened and who gives a shit about what anyone else thinks.

Never fear Freddy fans; they are moving slightly away from the Atlantic Yards to a new hotspot of activity: 4th and Union, just outside the R stop. You know, the one where attractive people get off at to go to Union Hall. And now the block where Cattyshack used to bring the masses has a Bar Great Henry side bar (judge's sidebar) going on. Is 3rd avenue really going to be hopping in the next year or so?

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