Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Verizon Fios Allows Me to Watch Sunset Daze on WE, OMG these GILFS are cray cray

So we recently invested in Verizon Fios (the building supports both that and Time Warner, whose prices have crept up over the years it seems). The building actually used to be the Bell Telephone building so my girlfriend actually was speaking with a rep on the phone who remembered working there years ago.

It's pretty great so far; we have our own unshared internet connection and are still getting used to what looks to be a pretty nice interface for cable. Which means I'm watching the premiere of Sunset Daze. Two episodes. 600 years of combined living experience.

Sunset Daze has the greatest opening credits since Freaks and Geeks.

They just described Joey, a potential date for a one Sandy, as "construction worker, stole a car at 14, and goes commando". They are trying so hard to make these guys totally rowdy, plus a a few diapers/pee bags.

Gail "Do You Think They Think I'm Gay" is pretty awesome and she's from New York so there's the tie-in to this blog (not really). Her rouge is a little much. She tells people that they are shitty actors. And all the dudes are kind of perverts, like this guy Dick. The guy has more balls are bigger than the hot air balloon he was riding on his date with Sandy.

Gail's son is the head of the Arizona Gay Rodeo Association. Which is exactly what it sounds like.

Dark rock music interlude. And then major key pop rock music interlude. Ann's skydiving partner looks like Puck from Alpha Flight.

Wait, here comes Jack. He's shifty with lots of moves. He kisses other women other than his girlfriend Kathleen. I'm glad everyone is still perverted at 70 years.

I kind of wish they would talk a little more about the actual culture of retirement living; it's kind of getting a little trashy (not that I mind, but just to switch it up a little from all these scheming between the sexes). In this day and age where baby boomers are approaching this age it's very interesting to have a show or something in the medium dedicated to the lives and concerns of older folks. Of course it's on WE so I shouldn't expect anything less than sensational (even Secret Lives of Women treads that territory sometimes). If this show was on Discovery, things would be different.

It's also set in Arizona which is very picture perfect; in New York and in Brooklyn I'm sure the day to day is significantly different. There are no golf carts to get around. The weather isn't always dry and sunny. From an east coast city perspective the show is kind of a fantasy.

Sandy must have really lived hard in the 70s, she curses more than I do. Home date? Sounds like our resident film critic Chris Cabin.

Jack don't get advice from Mort. Mort can't hear you and laughs at his own jokes, even quicker than I do.

A tribute to this show, courtesy of some throwback old schoolers Jurassic 5:

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