Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth Day - Landscaping Willoughby Square (What's That, You Ask)

If one knows how to manscape, would he know how to landscape? It's Earth Day folks, trim those beards, get some Vitamin D, weather permitting, and smell the earth, even if someone was kind enough to leave dog biznass 2 feet away.

So right over by the next block yonder hither to, Willoughby and Duffield is going to be a hotbed of meticulous plots to make downtown Brooklyn just a little purdier. Brownstoner reports that the square of land that currently holds something like a parking lot will be getting a lift with a little help from Hargreaves Associates. Now, the forum design meeting was held yesterday at LIU but you could probably still bother Josh Nachowitz (I know what you're thinking: Notcchyo-cheese) about it if you're not too lazy to click on Brownstoner's link and find his info. Just tell him all of my ideas: floating gold sparkles pool, a couple of really shady looking statues, a private bathroom for those who show receipts from shopping within the DoBro area, and a huge ice luge filled with SUNY Purchase punch.

All of those things would definitely not be a plus for the environment, but I tried. I've seen Lord of the Rings: Two Towers. Shit will go down if you don't respect those tree monsters.

The good people over at have a skinny on it before I parlay that into my musical suggestion for today:

Of course Propagandhi!

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