Thursday, April 15, 2010

Downtown (DoBrah) Brooklyn News: Cheap Pizza Hooray!

Photo from Downtown Brooklyn Facebook via Shop Downtown Brooklyn.

Yesterday was the grand opening of Gus Martuscell's Saporita Pizza near the corner of Smith Street and Livingston (on the stretch of Smith that goes north of Atlantic, you were almost fooled right?). Kings County president Marty "Farts" Markowitz was on hand to deliver the good news to Fulton Mall dwellers as well as occasional pizza lovers like myself who don't want to schlep to Lucali down on Henry or Vinny's.

Anywho, taking a look at their jawesome official website (Impact font was my favorite too guys) I see that they not only serve cheap slices during lunch (which I will never be around to partake in) but recession priced appetizers, pastas, and heros. When half the menu is averaging 6 bucks or less, you know you've hit the jackpot. When Markowitz is at your grand opening, you know he had a lot of work that day.

They also have a few specialty pizzas to rise them above the hole in the wall fray, including a Spicy Chicken pizza. Those who know me know that those two words put together is kind of like half an orgasm. Spicy Kuritza!!

You can check out their online coupons which makes this site even better. It should get a Webby Award. Three things that are probably coming soon: online ordering (so you don't have to talk to anyone), a Facebook page, and a Twitter profile. That's what I call using social media to harness your branding.

Before you get yourself in a tizzy, know that they are closed on Saturdays, probably because they are awesome (not for observing anything). And they are closing at 6pm, so nobody who lives in the area but doesn't work in the area is probably going to get to take advantage. It's like all the businesses in the area, you can only imagine...

The recent Visa commercial with Mambo Italiano is one of my favorite recent TV ads is below in tribute. The dude is spinning the pie and flouring it all snazzy, you know he's thinking "BOO YA":

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