Sunday, April 4, 2010

Chilling in Cobble Hill Park - Morning Stroll

This morning we went for a walk and sat on a bench in Cobble Hill Park and drank some coffee before going to the supermarket. Compared to the East River State Park in Williamsburg with all the hilarious bird poop, this small park is just kind of wholesome. There are kids, small dogs, couples, sunlight, a central grassy area, a small playground, and a general sense of old-timey flavor stuck between Amity and especially Veranda Place.

I was sitting when two late 30s gentlemen who were having a conversation were leaving from a couple benches away. One turned to me and asked me where I found this Dag Nasty shirt I was wearing. I told him I purchased it a while ago, when I was much younger. He make a joke that that kind of statement must age him quite a bit, and we both had a small chuckle. I discussed that a lot of these folks probably were quite the sweaty rebels back in their day (not that their day has passed or anything) and now looking so well dressed and clean cut.

There was also a woman running along with a dog she was with, it was kind of funny to see someone fully decked out in a long coat being so physically all over the place and wacky. I then finished my girlfriend's Mazzola's coffee before tackling brussel sprouts.

By the way, at Mazzola's there was this woman in line who when the staff yelled out "Next!" due to the plenty o' foot traffic that moves in and out, this woman yelled back and said "I don't like being yelled at thank you, I don't appreciate it." I'm not sure if she knew that many businesses that are busy like to keep things moving by being forward and loud and clear about who is next in line. I struck me as an unfortunate misunderstanding.

Pretty sunny and a good morning for walking on this Easter.

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