Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Ghettofab sushi arrives fresh off the boat on Fulton Street

I'll be eating from this gem sometime soon folks. Conveniently located around the B,Q,R,2,3,4,5 trains at either Dekalb or Nevins, something called the Metro King is opening it's doors and greeting customers with some sushi and an Asian salad bar which I'm sure means "mandarin" oranges and "crispy noodles" and thick accents.

This place reminds me of this sushi/chinese lunch buffet joint on the other Fulton Street in Manhattan that I used to frequent when I was at NYU living in the money district. Metro King looks like it's going to be straight money.

Anywho, the below picture says it all, from the Downtown Brooklyn Facebook fan page which you'll want to frequent:

Metro King Sushi and Asian Salad Bar opens on Fulton Street

Located at 538 Fulton Street, Metro King offerssushi and an excellent Asian Salad Bar.Bring your Value Cardand get10% off an order of $10.00 or more.

Visit theirother location in Downtown Brooklyn called Metro Food Court at 14-16 Nevins Street.

Please welcome theirnewest locationin Downtown Brooklyn!

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tohming said...

that's cool. next time when i visit you i will definitely try their sushi. it is good that the place slowly becomes more lively...