Thursday, May 27, 2010

Parked in Gowanus for Memorial Day - Ah the Smell

Ah summer. With the weather the way it has been the past week, I'm thinkin hey Monday day off!

Picnic in Prospect Park? Sure. Here's what's going though, Parked at Bklyn Yard will be on 100 percent Monday afternoon, some of the city's best food trucks will convene and foodgasm all over the stank of Gowanus. There's some Facebooking about it already saying that it's 12-7 but The Brooklyn Paper is all about 2-9. So join at like 4? I'll be there with crumbs on my FACE.

To kick off some summer lovin', here's Husker Du with "Celebrated Summer" from their amazing album New Day Rising.

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