Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Greenwood Heights - Underrated Brooklyn

I'm a pretty big fan of toiling around Greenwood Heights if nothing for the fact that it's the limbo between two more established neighborhoods (Park Slope/South Slope and Sunset Park) and if you have Time Warner you can visit their lovely Brooklyn office.

Besides having a couple of gems in Toby's and Living Room Lounge and some interesting blocks with fun real estate, there's the most prominent portion, Green-wood Cemetery. Check out Brownstoner's wonderful recap and several photo opportunities for you to peruse and picture yourself on a wonderful summer afternoon. A little piece of history learned makes summer that much more memorable because it adds to what is already a perfect little afternoon by building another story, another dimension to your little journey through an area that is still mostly untouched by new stuff.

I highly suggest if you're looking for something to do during the weekend you swing by sunset park and zig zag through several blocks of Greenwood Heights. For more info and tours, go to green-wood.com. Particularly do anything Greenwood Heights related to the following tune:

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