Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Eat It: Brooklyn Knows That Shrimp Inside Flat Noodles Is Sexcellent

There are a few dishes that I would probably steal your dog for a chance at a free year's worth. Pork dumplings. Potato Skins. Jumbo shrimp tempura covered in a honey mayo mix. Spaghetti Carbonara. Minute Maid Fruit Punch (although I haven't had that sugar bomb in years).

There is one dish, when smothered in soy sauce, will smush in your mouth more wonderful than almost any dish. That would be what Eat It: The Brooklyn Food Blog has to describe for us when she took a trip to Brooklyn Chinatown to get sum (OH SNAP).

The restaurant has your typical off kilter name with possible grammatical errors inside (East Harbor Seafood Palace). But she took some photos of unassuming, somewhat messy flat noodles (cooked extremely soft) with shrimp nestled within, as if a child covered in a blanket, or the yolk of an egg covered in its whites. This dish should automatically make your top 10. If it doesn't, you should make sure you enjoy food. Or 1-10 is Minute Maid Fruit Punch for some reason. Photo courtesy of Eat It.

Eat It: The Brooklyn Food Blog reviews local deliciousness several times a week. Brooklyn Chinatown is such a hidden gem; the KCB is advocating a Brooklyn blogger excursion!

Elvis Presley "Song of the Shrimp"

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bklyn jenny said...

You, me, and the significant others should take a trip to BK Chinatown for some dim sum! I'll drive.