Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Zero Bridge plays MTV Iggy Party at Vermillion, new EP

Zero Bridge, who has a new EP out called There We Were, Now Here We Are which came out yesterday, played a fabuloso MTV Iggy party last weekend at restaurant Vermillion. Check out the video below.

MTV Iggy is basically an attempt at "global pop culture" featuring artists from across the world, although most of the homepage is made up of Canada and the US. Vermillion is an attempt at Indian and Latin American flavors, and according to the friends at Yelp, it has succeeded so far.

Add a ethnically-conscious and ethically-conscious band like Zero Bridge and it's basically a formula for cultural positivity even with MTV's presence in the mix. Is MTV even relevant anymore? I stopped watching a while except True Life episodes, but is it still regarded as a premiere destination for youth pop or is it just one in a sea of premiere outlets? Maybe I'm just out of the MTV loop.

Zero Bridge just did a stint in Morocco and played at Public Assembly in Brooklyn for CMJ.

Some video of the perf:

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