Monday, November 16, 2009

Last Day to Enter Ms. G Train Contest!

From McBrooklyn and the Yelp NY talk threads comes a wonderful thing: the crowning of the next Ms. G Train (Carrie Prejean antics hopefully not included). City Reliquary is giving you ladies the rest of today to apply for consideration by the only train that decided not to go into Manhattan (not that the train has a mind of it's own, unless you want to call it lazy and uncooperative when you most need to get to Long Island City).

You can apply at this email here: but please take a look at the requirements first. You'll need a photo. If you don't have a camera, I would just find an approximation of you on the web and send it in.

On Nov. 19th during the daylight hours, finalists will be chosen. If you're a vampire, that's ok because the actual decision and par-tay will be in the evening at where else, the City Reliquary:

370 Metropolitan Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11211

What should go into being a Ms. G Train? I have no idea, but touring the city up and down the G line would be pretty cool. It's like a Ms. G Train sighting. She could end up being a dirty hipster, but hey the G Train is full of 'em right? Or an incredibly unreliable woman. Basically a lot of cliched negative things about subways, put it to the women, and let's see what happens.

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