Friday, November 27, 2009

Motion City Soundtrack coming to Fillmore Irving Plaza February 3rd, 2010

Talk about pop-punk darlings. It's hard to imagine that Motion City Soundtrack, with catchy hooks, keyboard, high/clean vocals, and a very particular formula approach could have this much success....on Epitaph Records. They have a new tour to showcase their new album, My Dinosaur Life, out January 19th on Columbia (looks like that whole Epitaph thing is done) and they will be stopping by Irving Plaza (excuse me, Fillmore) so be sure you get your kicks at 119 Bar beforehand and then instill utter fear into the underage crowd that will no doubt line up in droves on February 3rd of 2010. 2010? Man that was an entire decade that went by and I still feel like 1990 isn't THAT long ago...

A couple things: first off, I like MCS. Their best songs can be poppy-romantic backed up with big chords and that damn keyboard. While I'm not warm to their new single off the new album "Disappear", I'm also wary of the whole major label thing. People have got to realize that many a time, major label recognition really does hinder the production of the music, but more power to bands for being able to pull in some more dough. I feel like a lot of times, the major labels just don't understand that some bands aren't fads that go away and are disposable, but they spend years building a loyal fanbase and what happens is they get taken out of context. Not that this can't happen with indies as well, but the business models are different. Anywho, they have a very pretty sound, and on songs like "Time Turned Fragile" (my absolute favorite of theirs) and "It Had To Be You", you feel like it's the holiday season all the time, both in terms of reflection but also upbeat romanticism. Two, and many consider, three solid albums in a row, you might be thinking, is it time for a clunker?

I saw them when they were touring in 2007 and they put on a great show; lots of energy and their sound translated well for a large venue (I believe it was Roseland Ballroom). I think count me in. Although the keyboard player could use a snip with the scis's on his bangs. Unless he wants to get confused with any other "emo" band member.

Props to Consequence of Sound and Hear/Say. Here is their latest music video for the single "Disappear" off the new album My Dinosaur Life. Rawr. It's one of their more forceful songs.

Motion City Soundtrack - "Disappear"

Motion City Soundtrack MySpace Music Videos

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