Friday, May 1, 2009

Chatting with Kelsey Nixon at the Food2 Launch

Photo by Mark Kwan at NYC Movie Screenings.

So the wonderful people at Scripps just introduced me to Kelsey Nixon, who was a fan favorite on The Next Food Network Star and also is currently on the Food2 show, Kelsey & Spike Cook.

I asked her about the pairing of grapes and steak, which I admitted I had never seen but it sounded great. "It's really the sweetness with the steak that just makes it so appealing and interesting, and on top of that the bleu cheese butter really is a great combo."

I agree, anything with bleu cheese is the bees knees.

Kelsey went on to tell the KCB about driving large vans and trucks in New York on Lex at 5am. Ever the consummate pro, she's already getting into the mix coming from Salt Lake City.

More to come!

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tohming said...

boy, she is cool... I'd like to chat with her too..