Friday, May 1, 2009

At The Food Network Kitchens for Food2 Launch

And....I'm drunk. No just kidding. But that's how we come up with wonderful prose in Brooklyn. Things are setting up and shaping up as things will start to get rolling at 5pm. Got caught in the rain a little but that doesn't stop me from the smells of the grill. If you close your eyes, the multitude of sounds coming from all angles is intoxicating. The interesting thing about Food Network Kitchens is it melds cooking and hosting spaces with TV production crews, it's charming and very cool how they can mold whatever events they want because they have the capability and man power to do so. "Oh we can set up the lights, decor, anything you want". Must be nice!

There will be some special guests (one who has already shown up) and some fun Polaroids hopefully by the end of the evening. We shall see, Oroku Saki....

My SLR is making things as miserable as the weather, but I'm hoping to get a few shots in (or borrow from other peeps).

I am a bit thirsty though....

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