Friday, May 1, 2009

It's Begun!

So what do you get when you have 50+ bloggers and editors in a room with tons of food, fancy music, and fancier drinks? Food2 Freebie Friday.

It's mid-way through and friends from The Music Slut and Yelp have shown up early to try the mutton sliders and arepas. People are digging the vibe including The Amateur Gourmet and Taste As You Go Blog chat it up with folks from all over the city.

Greasy Guide is in the house! And Aleta Meadowlark from Omnomicon, a contributing Food2 blogger. Jason from Me So Hungry is enjoying the festivities, as Whitney Matheson from USA Today chats with Scripps about Food2.

All photos credited to Mark Kwan at NYC Movie Screenings!

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Love the recap!

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