Tuesday, February 24, 2009

3 Yutes - Funniest Movie Critics Ever

I enjoy watching Reelz Channel, and especially Movie Mob (which I normally wouldn't think would be a good show but with a cute host and hilarious staples like the duo from Boston and the snotty Brit Twins, what could go wrong? These are normal movie fans who know their shit).

The funniest by far though, are those boys from Bensonhurst, the 3 Yutes. Joey. Ronnie. Pasta. Take a look at them here:

Unfortunately I don't think they were voted on after a while, but you can check them out at their site which was updated sometime last year haha: 3 Yutes

Here are some clips from Movie Mob where they appear:

For more Movie Mob on YouTube, check out Reelz Channel's...channel.

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Anonymous said...

My favs on the show are the 3 yutes and the Filmbadgers