Friday, February 27, 2009

Fah Q and Poster (more like DVD cover art) Critique: Extreme Movie

Fear not, dear readers, a new set of Bar Spotlights, Recent Netflixing, Actors In New York, and Fah Q's will be in order. Any any other faux or poser post series that I feel like naming.

There are two parts to this little post, neither of which are that inspiring, but it's something I noticed when rummaging through the movie sites that I frequent (Rotten Tomatoes,, IMDb, Box Office Guru, etc. etc.).

I'm a Michael Cera fan. He's a fan of Asian women. I was birthed by one. In fact, I'm a Matthew Lillard fan as well, if only for his role in Scream and of course, SLC Punk!

However, the fact that either of them thought (granted, this film was in post-production hell as it was supposed to release theatrically and then just never did, so Cera career at that point was much smaller) that this Extreme Movie from Genius Products (who handles Weinstein Company releases, etc.) would be anything to shake a stick at is beyond me. It's out on DVD this week.

Whatever, so I hear it's a horrible, horrible movie. My roommmate would beg to differ, allowing compliments to some parts deemed worthy of a chuckle. A couple things that I wanted to point out was the Abe Sex viral tool that they did for it and the cover art.

The Abe Sex viral tool, which can be found by going to the website is similar to simple viral tools found for The Unborn theatrical release and what not. You stick a photo, and a name of a friend, and let the fun begin. Basically Abe Lincoln has sex with whoever you end up picking. It's not really funny, just kinda slimy. And awkward. So at least there's that. I put my friends at The Cinephile New York in. It came out ok, but the photo tool was a little hard to use for me but that's to be expected.

And then there's the cover art, which is a real Fah Q. It's right on the heels of another Fah Q. for Genius's cover art for Protege which came out this week as well on DVD. For this point to even make sense, just know that Sex Drive, which I wrote about a while back, comes out unrated (you could say Extreme-ly unrated) on DVD this week as well.

I'm sorry but, these two covers are somewhat similar, even though Extreme Movie is more of a series of sketches. Sure there are a lot of differences, but when you're looking at these two covers, it just strikes me at how similar they feel. In a bad way for Extreme Movie, because Sex Drive was theatrically released, and made it's budget up. And has Cerie from 30 Rock. And the fact that Sex Drive has a quote, the donut can explain the "cream-filled" punch line, is 2-discs, and doesn't look so crappily photoshopped.

I guess in the end they both lose points for just looking like each other on the same release week.

The other Fah Q goes to the Protege cover art because they get the name wrong of a film title. But it's not just any film title. It's one of the farthest reaching Hong Kong titles to come out in a while, Infernal Affairs. Much has been made about the mistake of calling it Internal Affairs, that Richard Gere movie (Cameron Diaz you flubber you), but did someone not get the memo? Sure it's a somewhat confusing title but that's why people double check shit. It's on the left under Andy Lau's billing:

Have fun with people getting annoyed.

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