Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Fuse TV covers Bonnaroo to look legit (even though they ain't no more)

Bonnaroo, the festival that smells of something fierce, is going on right now in my birth-state of Tennessee. Home smelly home. It like many festivals has grown from a jam heavy collection of bands like The String Cheese Incident to a more diverse lineup of indie, rock, and rap.

While Phish is still around, they'll be joined by the likes of Snoop Dogg this year, and Fuse has all your coverage since you're probably reading this from the comfort of home. Fuse used to be a great alternative to MTV and VH1 years ago but with the changing technology has become a shell of it's former self really in providing quality music programming. Sure they still play videos sometimes, but there's not much effort in it. Their Bonnarroo coverage last year was pretty good, and I'm assuming this year will be pretty polished as well. Fuse is no longer alternative though, either on TV or online. They don't seem to dig deep to find great music programming; instead, the need from corporate parents and the need to connect with an ever shifting audience kind of puts them under W-GAP (who gives a poop). Take a look at their TV lineup: it's full of paid programming, Loaded half hours that are hit or miss, and repeats of over-saturated bands.

Backstage Passport was pretty sweet but oh so brief. Maybe I'm just biased because I like a lot of punk music.

Anywho, TV-boredom not withstanding, they are going all out for the best of Bonnaroo this Saturday, so if you're staying in, you might want to flip to Fuse at 9pm for updates, performances, etc. etc. Online Fuse will be doing the same. Best of usually being of course the biggest bands (I'll recind that if they show smaller performances that rock), but as I said, last year's coverage had some really nice performances. Good music is good music. Fuse just isn't an avenue for it most of the time. Below is their "cool" promo video:

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