Monday, March 1, 2010

The Hipster Mom Rikey Ska? Awwwwwriiiiiight

Now I'm not saying The Hipster Mom likes ska. Who does besides me and 7 people in Williamsburg? But she enlightened me on an amazing old Yo Gabba Gabba vid that includes some good ole' moonstompin'.

Today's entry in The Hipster Mom's first Show Off Show down is a friend of my girlfriend's and I figured I'd throw in a little extra love right here on the KCB. Ladies and gents, commence bla ba dee wacka heart melting:

One day she's going to realize giraffes are much bigger and totally unattainable as a pet. Not smiling anymore, ha!

It's well known that with this little one and my Banana In The Tailpipe colleague's baby Wally, Bensonhurst is really the way to go with kids. By well known I mean 100 out of 100 Bensonhurst newborns are due for greatness a la Saturday Night Fever. The good version. The rated R version.

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