Monday, March 15, 2010

Brooklyn Eagle to 370 Jay Street: You Ugly

Photo courtesy of Brownstoner.

Some numbers are indeed crunched in the Eagle's report on 370 Jay Street as a not so heralded point of conversation and central hub above the Jay St. - Borough Hall stop. I guess it's vacated but nobody has done anything with it and the article focuses on since the rest of downtown is trying to get in step (although you really won't notice for a while still, example Willoughby and Duffield), this MTA building should do something with it's life. It's like the one friend who doesn't get his act together.

The Eagle reports several opinions that are positive on how to turn around the building and the space would be ideal for firms and agencies that are heavy in DUMBO currently but could stand to go one stop further and check it out.

It all goes toward the MTA who has the dibs on this structure and who as we all know needs some funds. The F train wasn't even running this past Saturday evening. Lamesauce.

In a larger sense, what is downtown really going to look like? What is it moving toward? Geo-wise, it's like a sandwiched neighborhood (if you call it that) having access to all trains without really having a core space. Would it become the next DUMBO as buildings like 370 Jay are bred into a higher scale of business and use? Do I really like DUMBO? Sure, with the exception that it really doesn't have a busy, working sense; I still want my neighborhood to have bodegas and stuff. On top of that, with BAM buying out space in the Forte condos and the Atlantic Yards project finally kicking off, just what exactly is this going to turn into?

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