Saturday, March 20, 2010

Bar Spotlight - Moonshine

317 Columbia Street
Brooklyn, NY 11231

Any time I'm heading out to Strong Island with my girlfriend, it seems that as we pass the entrance ramp to the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel I always out of the corner of my eye see this mysterious bar (actually 2) situated neatly on Columbia next to a business called Futronics and a guitar shop.

I still haven't been to the other bar on the corner, and nothing against that but I just haven't gotten past the greatness that is Moonshine. With the neon sign towering above (well not really towering), every time we passed by in the car my need to go there consumed me until we just had to go.

The first time I went, there were 5 people at the bar and nobody else. You may think that's dead, but hey it's a Sunday evening and well, everyone was in good spirits. You can get a bucket of 4 PBRs for 7 bucks and lounge around with the digital jukebox or the old cigarette vending machine. This is the kind of bar that can't really do any wrong, and you won't find such a great combination often. It's a relaxing time, and you know you're in for a regular night when you see 3 of the same people in the bar each time you go, not including the bartender.

What I really wanted to give up was the pop culture trivia night (there's one on Wednesday) appropriately titled, Smartass: Brooklyn where you'll drink yourself silly and make about 6 new friends along the way. Live music lives here occasionally as well, sometimes bringing in an older crowd that's wise to the young shennanigans I pull.

Photo below from Village Voice:
You can actually take that bulldog in the window out for a walk, but the statue bulldog on the left is actually from The Empire Strikes Back, unfortunately his scene was left on the cutting room floor.

Again, it's one of those bars where you hear The Weight by The Band, and you're like, this is home, this is how local is done.

Speaking of the recent Village Voice article on 10 best bars in Brooklyn, Moonshine is fine as a runner up, but some of the stuff on the list is debatable; Irish Haven is a true one of a kind while stuff like Brooklyn Social (I think it's overrated) and Spuyten is sort of a cliched number one pick.

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