Sunday, January 17, 2010

Awkward Run-Ins On The Street: Delta Goodrem Song Appropriate

I was walking to Zombie Hut on Smith the other night with my buddy Steve and we were about a block and a half away when I saw the creative director of my place of work walking by.

Now Steve and I were discussing the merits or de-merits of stopping to talk to barely-acquaintances on the street.

"I don't get into that unless they stop me. Because they don't care what you're talking about, and you don't care what they're talking about, and it's just one big awkward mess. Easily avoidable," he said.

"I guess I always find myself stopping people even if I know them a little, it's like this inherent 'good intentions' kind of thing," I chimed in.

As the creative director dude was walking by, I tried to get his attention. "Jesse! Hey Jesse," I said.

He looked at me a little puzzled, and he was like "It's Darryl, hey what's up?" (a little weirded out and not exactly cordial).

At that point I wanted to chop my tongue out. Not only had I mistaken the man's identity, but I actually knew who he really was (a former employee at my previous job a couple years ago). Two wrongs made a bigger wrong.

I then blurted out my apologies, and that if I had a picture of Jesse it would be seen as a honest mistake as they both looked quite similar. After I introduced Steve to Darryl (not sure if it's one or two 'r's) the conversation ended somewhat amicably and we proceeded to Zombie Hut. For the next 20 minutes I proceeded with a d'oh face and a god-dammit verbal expression.

In honor of that, I YouTube'd "Mistaken Identity", and the sultry voice of Delta Goodrem came up, see below. Will I learn from my mistake? Probably not.

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