Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Lunchtime Justice: J&R Santa Fight - New York Justice? I THINK SO!!!

I've shopped at J&R many a time, especially when I was living down on Water Street (which I hear is really getting lively around the seaport, in a good way, less tourists, more real establishments other than that number one selling Abercrombie store).

I picked up a lot of good DVDs for cheap, and it's like Sam Ash in that they separate things into different sections and you have to kinda strip mall yourself into different mini-stores. It's still the only DVD section where I've actually found Crime Story Season 1. Anywho, there are computer parts that I've bought that have lasted me to this day, but it's also sort of uncouth, for lack of a better word.

Anywho, as a New York establishment, and since Christmas shopping comes once a year but starts about now, here's a classic Lunchtime Justice commercial from last season. Instead of our God is better than your God, it's our Santa is better than your Santa, because we have an additional elf throwing knee strikes.

Oh and the "spit" at the end is a nice wet touch.

For all your electronics needs and a healthy dose of cramped New York style (but not cramping your style), go to J&R's official site for their latest deals.

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