Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Cage Potato has the rundown on Bob Reilly (update: MMA bill passes first test!)

Today is the first of hopefully many steps toward legalizing MMA in New York, and the one man to beat I think has his work cut out for him, although nothing is certain. Cage Potato has all the relevant information you need to sort out Bob Reilly's argument; I understand it's not for him, but when you have boxing as a huge draw at places like Madison Square Garden, why is mixed martial arts given the special beat down? It's simply the mix of disciplines, the Western bias (probably) against other types of combat sports, and overall different look that I guess gives this man no choice but to stand his ground.

Check out the list of ignorance here: Cage Potato - The Many Fallacies of Bob Reilly

The look of love is in her eyes, photo by Cage Potato.

Update from CP, it passed! Here's their article:

"The New York State Assembly’s Tourism, Arts, and Sports Development Committee finally voted on bill A02009 this morning – known to you jokers as the thing to move MMA towards legalization in New York State – and it passed with a 14-6 vote. The bill has been referred to the Codes Committee for another vote, which means MMA is now closer to being sanctioned in New York than ever before.

The bill still has to make it past the Codes Committee and a vote by the State Assembly, but at least it survived the opening onslaught by Assemblyman Bob Reilly, who reportedly tried to sway other committee members yesterday in a twenty-minute presentation on the brutality of the sport and the unsavory nature of its proponents with a video featuring Brock Lesnar vs. Randy Couture, Corey Hill’s broken leg, and Dana White’s video blog tirade against Loretta Hunt.

The bill passed anyway, suggesting that just maybe those fourteen members of the committee thought Lesnar/Couture was a pretty decent little scrap. We now raise our celebratory flutes of champagne or, failing that, a can of Miller High Life (the champagne of beers), and toast a small, though important victory for our side. Salud, Potato Nation."

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