Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Bar Spotlight - Kili

(photo by Mr. Wonka)

So I haven't done a Bar Spotlight, Poster Critique, or Fah Q. in a while. But now I'm back with an edition of the former-est, and I'm focusing on low-key Kili. Some bars have the unique distinction of being "nestled", and those are some of my favorites. It's a bar that's either off the beaten path, or tucked away on a small block. Another example would be if you were to walk by it and not even notice it's there.

Kili is situated on Hoyt right before you hit Atlantic (when you get around betwen State and Schermerhorn and Atlantic there are some really cute mini-blocks). If I don't feel like traveling a couple blocks to Brooklyn Inn I can just stop at Kili. It has a dim glow to it in the evening that is perfect for settling in for a drink or two. It's a small place separated into two parts (with drapes shrouding it in a little mystery). First is the bar to your left, where you'll find several seats but not too much room. You can order a nice cold 2-clam PBR (happy hour is until 8pm last I checked with a discount on the usual) and make your way to the lounge area, with a ring of fire chandelier more akin to Schwarzenegger's (ok ok Matrix's) lodge in Commando:

I guess another example would be Michael Caine's pull-my-finger palace in Children Of Men.

Anywho, so it has the look and feel of very homey, fireplace-laden mini-lounge where you can score points on a date. Or something. With a touch of hip (a couple pieces of art). Just make sure you're not on Tuesday nights because it's open mic night and you don't want to be distracted by Brooklyn's Got Talent. However, on the latter half of the week the DJs usually spin a groovy mix and it's just a healthy dose of laid back.

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