Monday, January 12, 2009

Some new blood, I mean, red wine, in Brooklyn Heights

Brooklyn Paper is reporting that Community Board 2 is backing the bid for a liquor license for Mark Lahm and Jim Montemarano's new wine bar, which should open in February without a hitch at 50 Henry Street. Mr. Montemarano advantageously owns Cranberry's, a deli on the same block.

50 Henry used to be the site of an establishment run by everyone's favorite Dan Kaufman, the Busy Chef part owner and money stealer. The one time I called up Busy Chef because I was indeed too busy (actually too lazy) to eat, the service was incredibly rude and it was a good thing I didn't end up getting anything.

I'm kind of all for some extra verve in Brooklyn Heights, although I understand that its pristine residential quality would like to stay that way. However, all the low-key places are pretty nice and some extra boozing couldn't hurt (can't go to Henry Street Ale House EVERY time).

For more on the new digs, check out BP's article.

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