Wednesday, January 14, 2009

New Neko Case single!!

So as cold of a day as it is today (pretty damn chilly for the city), I was going to get udon noodles at Foodworks to cheer my body up. Upon return I see that for every blog post of Neko's new single, ANTI will donate 5 bucks to Best Friends Animal Society.

Donation not withstanding, there are few artists better for the cold, desolate weather (the cliched isolation even though you're in an urban environment). Seeing her in Central Park on an early summer evening was pretty awesome...

Here's the single, called "People Got A Lot of Nerve":

It's a heavenly song on the first couple listens so far, per usual. Her voice has such a fat tone to it.

Check out the EPK for her new album, Middle Cyclone (order on Amazon here), which comes out March 3rd.

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