Friday, January 16, 2009

Fah Q: A.C. Newman (still love ya!)

(photo provided by friends at Bumpershine, oddly enough, this is the basement level of Union Hall)

You were totally stoked when I gave you my Borat pin (my only one too, although I still have that bumper sticker so I'm good I guess) at CMJ at Union Hall two years ago. I was with MISTER film critic Chris Cabin, of, and thusly quoted by Roger Ebert. He actually remembers it too. We chatted briefly amongst the playlist downstairs that either you or some other smart person made.

You were at Union Hall again almost a year later, this time on a Thursday (bless you, Union Hall), with the man from Destroyer. He was staring through my soul I swear to Satan.

I drank enough, so I had the courage to come up to you and ask you how you were doing and if you remembered the Borat pin. You said no and the conversation was suffice to say, somewhat cold.

Still dig the music...I guess Elia Kazan is a good analogy?

Newman's new album comes out next week on the 20th, called Get Guilty. From the site: "You can get $3 off of the CD version and download an exclusive, pre-order only B-side immediately. The B-side is A.C.’s take on the Go-Betweens’ “Love Goes On”."

Learn more about Newman at his official site, and also check out Matador Records who is releasing this newest shindig.


bumpershine said...

Hey, while I don't mind you using one of my photos, can you please host the image on your site. Hotlinking is not so cool in my book, and as you can see, the photo does not even show up in your post.

Chopstick said...

Done. Not particularly web-savvy, had no idea bout this, apologies. They probably should take it off of Blogger as an option when using links.