Sunday, January 18, 2009

Cobblestone Streets - Really, Really, Like Them

DUMBO is getting a little facelift, and with that, I might trip over to Superfine more often to see what an artsy fartsy party looked like in the movie Tough Guys with Burt Lancaster and Kirk the 80s. Owning that movie on VHS is a wonderful, fun addition to any VHS library. Jake from Body by Jake, Darlanne Fluegel, and Dr. Ruth? AND Charles Durning? AND Eli Wallach? AND Dana Carvey in a serious role? Get outta town.

Anywho, everyone is reporting from this past week that a 20 million+ project by the city to restore, level a bit, and make a little less treacherous, the streets of DUMBO (Water and Washington) by redoing the cobblestone streets (I can see the horse carriages now stopping in front of Pete's or something and people saying "indeed" a lot more).

It'll take two years but if I stick with it my heart may just melt. I really enjoy cobblestone streets; they automatically put words like 'quaint' and 'lovely' and 'charming' into my head. The cobblestone streets are the reason why I walk around DUMBO in the first place really. It's old school. Now could millions of dollars go to something else (check out the whole scoop on this DUMBO Walentas building) but hey, for this neighborhood, it's a particular characteristic and would make it more accessible (considering that you have to walk at least a few blocks to really get into the area from the F stop at York, or if you're walking north from Brooklyn Heights).

I like the word cobblestone as well. It chugs well. Below is a picture of a cobblestone street in Estonia. It's not DUMBO (or should that be the other way around), but you get the idea.

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