Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Wrecords By Monkey - High Style Meets Low Carbon Footprint

Looking for something unique yet subtle and everyday fashionable? Brooklyn again, is where it's at with Wrecords By Monkey who have been featured on countless fashion and hip culture magazines. It was really cool to see their display at the Winter Craft Fair this year and I was about to nab the "Working Class Brooklyn" bracelet but didn't have enough cash on me. They have different collections and an insane amount of different designs that are really perfect for quick fashion upgrades for men and women.

From the site:

"WrecordsByMonkey is a Brooklyn-based design company that bridges the worlds of fashion, art and music. Using reclaimed vinyl records, they create handmade accessories with a low carbon footprint that can be incorporated into anyone’s individual style. Their niche product, the Wrecord bracelet, comes in designs from silly to sophisticated. WBM’s full line includes bracelets, necklaces, earrings, rings and t-shirts, all inspired by the idea of relating to music lovers of every generation.

Founding partners Patrick Chirico and Brian Farrell started WrecordsByMonkey in 2004. Both have degrees from the Fashion Institute of Technology—Chirico in fashion design and Farrell in fine arts.

They started making the record bracelets one by one in the hallway of their dorm, hand drawing all of their unique graphics directly on the records. Since then, they’ve come up with a innovative manufacturing process and operate out of their studio in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, where they have hand made over 60,000 record bracelets, and created thousands of designs.

They introduced their record bracelets at NYC markets, which is how they learned their niche product appeals to a wide range of demographics; all ages, cultures and styles. Currently, WrecordsByMonkey sells in over 20 states, in places ranging from art museums and design stores to independent boutiques and larger chains. They also sell in the gift shops of museums such as; Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, Minnesota Houston Museum of Contemporary Art, Houston, Texas Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art, Kansas City, Kansas, The Chelsea Art Museum NYC, New York.
WBM has also done private label work for companies such as MTV and the GRAMMY Brand, creating custom record bracelets, graphic design and unique packaging and displays. They have received press in print, online and TV. Chirico and Farrell have also spoken at colleges about entrepreneurship and innovative materials, and they continue to be involved with charitable organizations and philanthropic ventures. WBM has donated to organizations including the Make A Wish Foundation, LIFEbeat, the S.T.O.K.E.D. Foundation, and Girls equality of Brooklyn."

Here's a photo from their Off The Train collection (photo from missomnimedia.com):

And also their Classic Patterns Bracelet Collection below:

To shop, browse, read about their collections, and see what kind of circles they run in, and of course, overall shenanigans, go to their official site: www.wrecordsbymonkey.com

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