Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Bar Spotlight (Football Season Edition): Town Tavern

Town Tavern
134 West 3rd Street (by 6th Avenue, next to the McDonald's)

(Update 12..28.08: Eagles just made the playoffs, so definitely stop here for first round action)

Don't worry Philly, you're well represented at one of the biggest college bars in the city.

Town Tavern is one of the biggest and most raucous bars in the NYU part of Noho/West Village, which is commonly linked by either bars that used to be more awesome or bars that just get worse in terms of the crowd the more you pass it (Red Lion, 1849, etc.).

Town Tavern is one part of a two part behemoth by 6th Avenue and 3rd Street, right next to the Fat Black Pussycat which itself is a labyrinth of 4 or 5 different sections thrown together, all different, kinda hazy, and a considerable amount of brosephs and ho...sephs. Town Tavern is more homogenous in design, being smaller (a two floor, two bar, two bathroom layout similar to say Black Finn in midtown, with the top floor having a nice view of the street), and doesn't really boast much on tap but their bar food has interesting little ditties like fried mac 'n cheese triangles and good wings. They do the party platter thing a lot, and with the pitchers at decent prices (you should REALLY go to their Wednesday night 25 cent pitchers after 7pm, yes you heard right, 25 CENTS). Not every seat is guaranteed a view though; some of the tables upstairs are scrunched so there's not much room if it gets crowded but the amount of tables depends on the amount of parties gathered.

Downstairs has a splash of seating in the front when you come in with the bar in the back; TVs are placed along the left wall and behind the bar. As you walk upstairs you hit the bathrooms hooked around to the right and another bar awaits with several more TVs and a large space for chilling.

So what makes this place worthwhile, especially if you're an Eagles fan (did I mention that this is an Eagles bar, tried and true)? The staff is a lot of fun usually and there's enough jokes to go around beyond the NYU nights during the week. The 3 dollar Bud Light pints and 4 dollar Yuengling (Pennsylvania!) bottles go a long way, and with 25 cent wings on top of that, your calorie intake should be good for the day.

The West Village doesn't really offer a lot of goodness when it comes to football, so head a little east to 6th if you're looking for a fairly loud time and love the Eagles but don't like Feagles (fans know how to be disgruntled here).

For more info on their events on Sundays and throughout the week, check out their official site: Town Tavern - Attempting College At Any Age

And on Yelp: Town Tavern On Yelp

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