Friday, August 15, 2008

Static Radio NJ - Doing Lifetime Proud

One of the first things that me and one of my colleagues at work got into good conversations about was bands that we both liked; an unpretentious roll call of all sorts of punk bands from old to new, and it's always refreshing to go back to basics and discuss music not in an elitist sort of way, but just a natural "hey I think they are pretty good too" sort of way.

As a big fan of Lifetime/Kid Dynamite, old Saves the Day, the Bouncing Souls, any sort of New Brunswick cut time-change tempo-pick it back up mode of catchy, scrappy, crunchy hardcore punk with big sing alongs, my colleague has now turned me on to Static Radio NJ, who have been around for a few years but me missing the boat almost all the time because I can't keep up with music and stick to old standards, I just gave them a first listen from their new effort An Evening of Bad Decisions which comes out September 9th and is streaming on here.

There's always something to be said for bands that simply fuse an high energy emotional level with pummeling fast punk. There's no frills about it, but there's a genuine empathy with this particular brand, Lifetime had it as well and so do a plethora of other bands but you can never have too much. It could be macho but the quickness of the songs and slightly shimmery melodies drenched in distortion make it as I stated before, rather scrappy, not over the top. There's humor and self-deprecation in the lyrics, which makes for down to earth listening, even if that literally means floorpunching.

They are playing at Lost & Found bar in Greenpoint next Tuesday, August 19th, check them out if you can!

Check out their MySpace page.

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