Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Bar Spotlight - Black Sheep Pub

North Slope was always an area I was a little gray on when it came to my knowledge of places. I had been to Freddy's in Prospect Heights, which was close, and Union Hall, where I live on the weekends, but living in Sunset Park I figured South Slope would really do it for me. My co-worker and I were looking for place to have a couple of drinks that could suit both routes, he was in Crown Heights and I was in Sunset Park. I was looking for a new place that wasn't 4th Ave Pub or Pacific Standard, something more quaint. In comes Black Sheep Pub, and I've been back a few times since and it's really a nifty little bar.

There are a few great things about it. First off, is the doors to the outside, and you can shift your table out there to get a great sidewalk view. You can also put your feet up on the fence and just sit there and drink all day and stare at the peculiar one-story house across the street. If you had a cowboy hat that would be great, and a harmonica would complete the look.

They have great specials here depending on the day, like half priced wine, as well as an 8 dollar pitcher for happy hour (currently Amber Bock is their cheap choice). Quiz nights are on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of the month.
It's not a large place; a few tables and the bar on your right, and a large projection screen playing any number of sports or random movies on cable and foosball table on the left. The bathroom is one of the smallest I've ever been in. It's for Alice in Wonderland, when she's miniature.

The food isn't bad, they have a small menu from sandwiches to a salad to fish and chips (11 dollars was a bit much for a skimpy amount). The cook miraculously appears from somewhere and yells out your name, and be sure to throw a barb or two, because he's a good guy.

Another great thing is the board games, they have ornate copies of some classics like Jenga and Yahtzee (after a few drinks it's just not happening, that game right there).

I think my favorite though, is the free jukebox, everyday, before 8pm. Their jukebox is up there with the best, they have a few albums but they have a whole lot of mixes that really runs the gamut (I played a Clinic song and the bartender was really happy, a Liverpool transplant he was). The music isn't very loud so it's really enjoyable to play some really good tunes (great sets of 80s and 90s indie) while still having a somewhat self-absorbed conversation about your ex-girlfriend.

In other words, it's a perfect Sunday afternoon drink spot, one where you can sit and listen to crabby cynical women shooting you the evil eye just for looking their way, or listen to some ascot-ed idiot talk about the movie business second hand.

For more information and updates on their specials, see their official site:
Black Sheep Pub Brooklyn

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