Saturday, December 4, 2010

Bar Spotlight - The Sackett

I always wondered which bar has the tiniest bathroom in New York. Vittorio's in the West Village has a bathroom the size of a pea and it's kinda hilarious.

The Sackett I don't think is the smallest, but I was pleasantly surprised at the proximity of everything within a forearm's distance. There are two different kinds of pros with large and small bathrooms. Large bathrooms make you feel like it's a sanctuary, where you get away from the hubbub of socializing or looking at anyone but yourself (if they have a mirror).

The small bathrooms are just kind of funny to me, it's like they shoved a bathroom into a space where it wasn't really meant to be. You could probably wash your hands while doing whatever. Turn one way, your nose is to the wall. Turn the other way, you're kissing the mirror. Turn a third way, you notice the small details and nicks and chips of the door.

I know this is quite a bit just discussing bar bathrooms, but hey it's early Saturday afternoon.

Anywho, I've been wanting to hit up the Sackett for a hot second and finally got the chance to grab a drink there with the better half while walking down 4th Ave. toward the Union R stop. It's very unassuming with little fan fare and the space feels immediately intimate. We were both into it for sure, although there was a lot of "totally"s taking up the adverbage between these two women at the bar and I couldn't figure out what exactly they was referring to. It's neatly laid out, small, cozy, wonderful jukebox, and ripe for casual conversations (but not encounters I don't think). It's a great place for pairs, triples and quads, as you sit and talk about your favorite movies and stuff.

The best word to describe The Sackett would be compact; there are no frills and everyone kind of keeps to themselves. The prices are reasonable, and like Abilene, Genny Cream Ale exists in the gullet of their selection.

I have a hankering to compare it to bars such as Buttermilk or 4th Ave. Pub or Black Sheep Pub but it's got it's own thing going for sure. Perfect for a nightcap from Union Hall (depending on how you're feeling).

Favorite bathroom songs has to include this right?

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