Thursday, August 12, 2010

Scott Pilgrim T Shirt Giveaway - Come All Ye Dorkuses To The Chris Cab-tion Contest

I'm a huge fan of the Scott Pilgrim vs. The World comic book series written by Bryan Lee O'Malley (he's sort of Asian, much like myself). I was handed one on a recommendation from Berman Bothers himself, Loni Berman, and spent several of the next few subway rides rolling through each volume (they take about an hour to read through, very quick, like cheetah). Scott Pilgrim and his merry cohorts in their band Sex Bob-omb inhabit a hilarious, anime/gamer infused world that's a highly stylish, boy-dream setting for a charming and breezy romantic comedy. Mr. Pilgrim has the hots for Ramona Flowers, is being chased by Knives Chau, and is forced to fight Ramona's 7 evil ex-boyfriends (well one of them is well read it! Or watch the movie).

You have Michael Cera (not my first choice to play Scott) and all sorts of fun supporting cast members. What's great about the comic and hopefully what's great about the movie, which comes out tomorrow, is that even if you're not into the references and style, you understand the manic nature suits the story well and gives it a wacky bravado. I'm excited as any, and it's a great way to end the summer in my opinion. If it disappoints, I'll have to hadouken the theater usher.

In celebration of this film adaptation, I have two t-shirts to give away courtesy of Universal Pictures! You can see what they look like below. One is for guys (red). One is for girls (black). Both are size large. You want to go to there.

Guy Shirt: Red Scott Pilgrim T-shirt with full Scott Pilgrim logo on front and “An epic of epic epicness” tagline on back.
Girl Shirt: Black ladies t-shirt with lighting Bomb logo on the front and Scott Pilgrim logo on back nape of neck.

(I'll get pictures up tomorrow)

Now, for those of you who know our very own resident film critic, Roger Ebert's absolute favorite (from no less, featured on the homepage) Chris Cabin, you know he wishes he were Scott Pilgrim. Michael Cera too, but I'd rather be Chris Evans. He also owes me a beer from my birthday, so we'll as usual set him up with a Chris Cab-tion contest. You know the drill; comment to enter to win:

"I'll extinguish you"

For more, visit the pretty sweet official website. Or, just do like I do and play Scott Pilgrim Punchout until your head explodes. Basically there's a ton of cool things to check out and I would expect nothing less from an Edgar Wright directed film.

I'll consider all entries through Monday August 16th. Maybe a day after. Who knows?


tohming said...

"Pay me some respect, dude. My great great great uncle is Napoleon Bonaparte, the Emperor of France."

Flynn said...

Chris Cabin, the Archduke of Film Criticism, poses for his commissioned portrait.

Patrick said...

"Chris, this is a fire safety commercial, how many times do we have to tell you to take your hand out of your pocket - you're blocking the fire extinguisher!"

Anonymous said...

"Mr. Cabin there's a fire in B Hall."

"One moment please...I'm having my headshot taken for"

LB said...

How the youth of America pictures every high school history teacher.

Anonymous said...

IIIII will take that shrimp cocktail from you, thank you very much!

Anonymous said...

"does my toupée look natural in this light?"

STAJDAK said...

New York State law requires a fire extinguisher to be on hand for any Chris Cabin photo shoot, because he's just that fucking hot.