Thursday, June 3, 2010

Aeropostale - Fulton Mall Is Gettin' Down With The Whiteness

A place for my cargo shorts eh? Have the seeds been planted? Aeropostale was a third rate Hollister growing up, and Hollister is kind of what I hate about tame hang loose fashion for the suburban set. I say leave it all for the South Street Seaport crowd but they've decided to set up shop soon on Fulton and Elm. Brownstoner has the scoop and the photo to prove this most vanilla of neighbors.

I'm not sure what kind of presence it will have; because it's an obvious Old Navy like Abercrombie with all the shitty logos all over the place, could it go urban? I doubt it. Will that matter 5 years from now? Maybe not, because this plus H&M (which I do like to an extent) means we're getting a little more WASPy. I mean, look at the Aeropostale site. Perpetual state of backyard grassy knoll goodness. No grass in the Fulton Mall, and I'm assuming no coke either. I mean, what makes the Fulton Mall great is that some of the stores that you don't find in the usual suburb crapfest exist there and the particular apparel and products you can purchase. That and the fact that the mall is endlessly entertaining with religious yelling, stores that sell jewelry AND DVDs AND 6 pairs of sneakers.

I'm thinkin' late summer for a pedestrian opening and about as lame as this next song:

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