Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Soundtrack of Our Lives Ticket Giveaway (for 2.16 show at Irving Plaza) Chris Cab-tion Contest

Thanks again to the folks at Live Nation (or do I call it Ticketmaster? Or Livemaster? NationTicket? Ticket Nation? Nationmaster? Large Company? Ron Delsener?) the KCB is running a wonderful giveaway for a lucky person and a guest to attend The Soundtrack of Our Lives concert on February 16th. Besides having some old school looks and being from Sweden and totally understandable (unlike Ikea's directions), and cool looking promotional photos, and a nice looking official blog/site, I'm not too familiar with their stuff.

I looked up all those things about 5 minutes ago. What I can tell you is that their patient brand of straight up spacey rock, an oddity considering they aren't vapid like mainstream rock bands or something and almost feel kind of, post-rock version of, well early 70s rock? Even if I don't normally listen to them I definitely give them respect for doing their own thing and not sounding trendy. The Swedes just seem to always get it right stylistically. I mean they feel like they are still playing with the earnestness of when they started years ago, influenced by when rock was expanding in the mid-90s who in turn were influenced by the 70's base and 80's experimentation. I mean, you have to give TSOOL credit just for having awesome album covers. I kind of get this weird feeling of oak-y, woodsy, old PBS educational shows from the 70s. As you can tell, I just like typing the word "70s" in here.

Anywho, what ticket giveaway would be complete without a Chris Cab-tion Contest? Oh yeah that's right none. Just comment on the photo below in the comments section for a chance to win two will call tickets. If you're a tall Swedish blonde, your chances are probably even better.

Check The Soundtrack of Our Lives out on MySpace here. For more info on the Feb. 16th concert, go here. Here's their recent music video for "Flipside", Stone Temple Pilots "Plush" style.


Anonymous said...

"Oh...Found it!"

Patrick said...

Even though Steve and Chris were enjoying themselves, both realized that there would be no way to explain this photograph.

Anonymous said...

"He told me he dropped something on the ground, who was I on a first date to say no to picking it up..."

Nicola said...

"Touch wood"

Anonymous said...

"Soundtrack Who?" "Please don't make me go to Irving Plaza...ahhh"

オテモヤン said...