Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Ludacris's "Fantasy" in Brooklyn classroom, Notes On A Scandal style

Talk about learning a new tongue (oh come on, that was from Tomorrow Never Dies). According to the Daily News, none to wise, two female high school teachers were caught naked with each other. Passions I guess were fervent a la Notes on a Scandal and the two teachers were immediately given the boot. And they were Romance language teachers. The jokes just sell themselves. Definitely wrong place wrong time sort of thing.

All of this went down (oh come on that's just an expression) at James Madison High in Midwood in our fair county. Famous alum include Joe Torre's brother Frank, Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg, and Loni Berman of Berman Bothers. Now social media is in on the case, as there is a Facebook fan page dedicated to all those rumors that have apparently come true: The Infamous Ms. Brito Rumor on Facebook. Not a lot of love for that janitor who initially caught them so far...

"The infamous Ms.Brito rumor. Excuse me, but for those of you that wants this page deleted that will not happen unless Facebook says to do so. For one thing, this page does not tell you anything that nobody doesnt know. It is here so we all can talk about a rumor. Second, we are not exploiting the teachers any more than the students already are."

It's like this, except they weren't angry, they were naked, and they were younger and in a classroom:

And of course, every male high school student is probably wondering if this was in the background:

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