Sunday, November 15, 2009

Bar Spotlight (Football Edition): Harry O's

You can also read a similar review of mine on Yelp.

Harry O's
120 Lawrence Street (You don't think anything is on the block, but it's there)
Brooklyn, NY 11201

Harry O's is neatly (or not neatly) tucked away on a construction filled block of Lawrence (and stands to make lots of business if the new building across the street becomes inhabited, as the new tallest building in Brooklyn). It's definitely a bar to look out for in the next few years or so if it keeps around; the building across the street at 111 Lawrence will be a huge addition to Downtown Brooklyn's already boom-attempting bid for residential supremacy in the near future. However, with it's height, so much for the views from our roof! Being so close to me that when I first looked for it I couldn't find it because I didn't think it was that close, I walked in on a Sunday afternoon to watch the games. There were several regulars in the spacious bar area, and the restaurant section is actually rather large, decorated very simply and old school, everything wood, white linen tablecloths, well lit, like something out of Bay Ridge or more suburban upstate. I sat down at the bar and enjoyed a 3 dollar Yuengling and some cheap, really good chicken fingers (although I was hoping for some good sauces). The menu? Whatever was written on the chalkboard sign. The cook? Was the barback, which is awesome because he was just chillin' like a villain with the other patrons. The bartender was very sweet, she was being celebrity roasted by Hatch, a good natured (although I freaked him out about a dream I had about Troy Polamalu) Redskins fan that was big enough to play linebacker for them. I guess they were good with each other from a while back. There was a Steelers couple to my left, and two older gentlemen came in later and starting cursing about jobs, honor, and friendship. The jukebox every once in a while popped on a Sinatra tune which was kind of weird. All the games were on right in front of me, it was quiet (save Hatch's grilling), and incredibly chill. While it doesn't have the overall warm vibe that Cody's has, it's super relaxed and definitely hidden to most. The funniest thing? Hatch must have had a late night the night before, because he totally fell asleep at the bar at around 4:25 in the pm. The place was so chill that everyone just let him take a nap for about 20 and he went back to watching the games as if nothing happened. Bottom line, if you're looking for a bar that is a little out of the way (unless you're a DoBro denizen) to relax and watch the games with limited menus and a couple of characters, Harry O's could be your spot.

You can see the location here, take any train 'cept the N or D and you're kosher.

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