Monday, August 10, 2009

New Kitchen Conspirators all week on Food2 or Those Hipsters Are At It Again With Their Expensive Menu

Hi all! Last week was quite busy so I didn't get to shower you with wonderful tidbits. The friends at Food2 are doing up this week Kitchen Conspirators style, premiering a new episode every day covering their High Society party which was filmed a while back I imagine.

High Society? They'll be working off an old menu, older than "vintage" so I'm pretty excited. Considering the trend of speakeasies and going back even farther, Victorian charm here in New York over the past year and a half, it's very fitting and looks to be a pretty damn awesome menu and distinctly American which intrigues me for some reason.

This segment seems better produced than their first outing (or inning, since this whole thing is built up as pretty mysterious and exclusive). My good friend Mr. Simon has known them for a long time and says they are always up to much good, and that's a good sign. Hipsters with skills without the word "designer" in them are kind of not hipsters in my opinion; they are productive people.

Check out the first video where the gang sits with a MacBook and goes over their menu:

For more, go to

For more on hipsters and/or much of north Brooklyn, go here.

Williamsburg is getting pretty attractive from last times I went. Maybe it's not hipster anymore, but glamster?

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